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Europe in the Raw (1963)

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SEE the film Russ Meyer tried to ban!


filename:       Europe.in.the.Raw.1963.Original.Print.DVDRip.XviD-SKP.avi
filesize:       778,064,358
video codec:    XviD ISO MPEG-4
video bitrate:  1337kbps
bits per pixel: 0.193
duration:       1:06:03
resolution:     624*464
fps:            23.976
frame count:    95015
audio codec:    0x2000 (Dolby AC3) AC3
audio bitrate:  224kbps CBR
audio channels: 2
audio tracks:   1 [1-Main Movie]

filename:       Europe.in.the.Raw.1963.Restored.Print.DVDRip.XviD-SKP.avi
filesize:       778,478,088
video codec:    XviD ISO MPEG-4
video bitrate:  1338kbps
bits per pixel: 0.193
duration:       1:06:03
resolution:     624*464
fps:            23.976
frame count:    95016
audio codec:    0x2000 (Dolby AC3) AC3
audio bitrate:  224kbps CBR
audio channels: 2
audio tracks:   1 [1-Main Movie]


product description wrote:

EUROPE in the RAW is an unrestrained, voluptuous, and wanton excursion to the birthplace of sensual erotism. Much of this captivating film was shot with the camera carefully concealed in a briefcase. With the camera hidden in such a novel fashion, we were able to film many behind - the - scenes activities which, otherwise, would not have been allowed. Other photographers who have tried to film the uninhibited footage have had their cameras and film confiscated by law enforcement authorities, or have been subjected to bodily harm by members of the underworld. Even filming this sensational footage clandestinely involved great risks. Now, Russ Meyer, the creator of THE IMMORAL MR. TEAS, brings to the screen his greatest triumph...

EUROPE in the RAW! Your own personal passport to ribald pleasure!

See for the first time, the cleverly concealed candid camera focus its voracious lens on the prostitutes of the notorious Les Halles section of PARIS... the earthy ladies of the Acterburgwal of AMSTERDAM... the playgirls of the torrid Reperbahn of HAMBURG... the sensual sinners of the Kufurstendam of BERLIN! Actually filmed where it is happening right now! In fact, EUROPE in the RAW takes you, for the first time, UPSTAIRS with the "Red Lite" Gals of the Continent. See Europe exposed before your very eyes!

On this torrid and tempestuous tour of Europe, visit the most infamous night clubs of PARIS . . . BRUSSELS . . . COPENHAGEN . . . HAMBURG . . . and BERLIN . . . plus many other monuments to erotism including the uninhibited nudists of Holland, and the lush beauties of Italy.

By all means SEE . . . EUROPE in the RAW!

Segments include prostitutes in Paris, playgirls in Hamburg, and ladies of the Red Light Acterburgwal district in Amsterdam!

Jimmy McDonough, Big Bosoms and Square Jaws: The Biography of Russ Meyer, King of the Sex Film, pp. 126-7 wrote:

In 1962, the newsreel-inspired Italian import Mondo Cane became a smash international hit (its theme song "More" was nominated for an Oscar), and it birthed a new exploitation film subgenre that some consider the precursor of reality TV. In the guise of educational travelogues, the mondo picture promised to sicken and disgust with the worst the world had to offer, while (initially in the series, anyway) balancing it out with more whimsical sights. Sometimes real, sometimes faked for the camera, it was yet another cinematic equivalent of the carnival freak show: do you dare look behind the curtain? See hell on earth, from a safe distance and for the cost of a movie ticket.

Meyer was outraged by what he felt was anti-American sentiment in Mondo Cane's round-the-world freakfest--odd in itself since the few USA-inspired vignettes are no more cynical than those from the rest of the globe. He struck back by making his own sex shockumentary of European depravity using both actual travel footage and faked sex scenes, 1963's Europe in the Raw. Boarding the S.S. France with Eve, Meyer deliberately limited himself to short reels of film and cheap equipment in order to pass as a tourist and not the smut peddler he was. In Brussels he shot some fantastic footage of a dancer named Veronique Gabriel (he later recycled it in Mondo Topless) but ran out of luck in the red-light districts of Berlin and Amsterdam, where he realized that flashing a camera around might get him killed. In Amsterdam, RM tried to make up the difference by faking a Dutch nudist camp complete with windmills, adding the hot stuff back home.

Meyer then came up with a wild idea that would salvage the tenuous project. Noticing that Europeans were fond of carrying valises, he had a suitcase modified for a secret camera while in Copenhagen. "With a very obvious window built into the bag and the loud whir of the camera motor it would hardly take an Ian Fleming or an Allen Dulles to spot the thin subterfuge," wrote Modern Man magazine. Back into the fleshy fray went RM and his 16 mm eye-spy. Hamburg hookers chased Russ and Eve out of a bordello when one of the women smelled a rat. In Paris he shot footage of prostitutes trolling the notorious Les Halles district, tracking one hooker right up the stairs of some cheap flophouse and into her room. Foolishly believing that honesty was the best policy, Meyer revealed his camera and asked, "Photo?" The girl responded by running to an open window and shouting for a gendarme. RM hightailed it out of there, concocting a suitable staged ending for the cinema verité French footage back in the States, using a double for himself and a stacked Las Vegas showgirl named Veronica Erickson.
"Tits and War" was Meyer's summation of the picture after he'd intercut the European beauties with some of his old combat footage. The most intriguing of the three pictures withheld by Meyer, Europe in the Raw! did only OK box office, according to RM.

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0087129/

Director: Russ Meyer

Also Known As: Eurooppaa ristiin rastiin, Europa al desnudo

subtitles & language

The flick is in English without any subs.


If there were any extras at all on the disc I'd include 'em as always, but this was just a bare-bones release.


The Restored Print and the Original Print are the same cut of the film, with the difference being that the original print has some visible print deterioration, which leads to a somewhat annoying 'veiny' or spider-webby-like effect, whereas the restored print has all of that scrubbed out, resulting in a disgusting 'waxy' looking print that also has all of the details brushed out.

Here're a couple of comparison shots of the Original/Restored prints, respectively:


Huge thanks to bluetrain @ KG for upping the uncompressed RM Films International DVD9, from which these rips are sourced (the disc is itself part of the Russ Meyer's Abundant Beginnings boxset).

Until this release the flick was pretty hard to come by. Mondos are no strangers to external censorship, and thus it doesn't really come as a surprise that the film was banned from screening in Chicago by the Motion Picture Appeals Board and the Film Review Section of the police. According toDavid K. Frasier's Russ Meyer - The Life and Films (p. 78) , "The ruling, broadly based on Roth vs. U.S., stated that the reason for the Board's rejection was not the subject matter, but rather the manner in which the material was presented was designed solely to appeal to prurient interest."

What is surprising, however, is that the film's scarcity was due to the fact the Meyer withdrew the film, alongside Erotica and Heavenly Bodies, from circulation due to the fact that he was "adamant that they aren't his best work" (McDonough, op. cit., p. 122). Now that that censor-loving faggot is dead, we can finally see the flick.

Please do share this film on other trackers, usenet, ed2k, and everywhere else. Spread the films like AIDS.


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