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Buried in the Sand: The Deception of America (2004)

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"Witness the graphically brutal reality The Left denies and the media hides."


filename:       Buried.in.the.Sand.The.Deception.of.America.2004.DVDRip.XviD-SKP.avi
filesize:       846,846,048
video codec:    XviD ISO MPEG-4
video bitrate:  1329kbps
bits per pixel: 0.191
duration:       1:05:53
resolution:     624*464
fps:            23.976
frame count:    94761
audio codec:    0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3
audio bitrate:  128kbps CBR
audio channels: 2
audio tracks:   3 [1-English; 2-Spanish; 3-French]


Enraged by the far left lib'rul media (apparently referring to Faux News) not including a sufficient quota of goreporn in their broadcasts, a bunch of minor league conservafucks (David Wald, Rob Cartee, Mark Taylor) got together for a little lemon party action one fine afternoon, during which they decided to clobber together a shockumentary of their very own. The endeavour apparently didn't extend much beyond going over to the (now defunct) ogrish.com (which has since moved to http://www.liveleak.com) and downloading anything they could find from a search for 'middle east', then stringing it together with some good ol' MURKA FUCK YEAH-styled narration, and, lo and behold, out was shat Buried in the Sand.

There've been other shockus centering on sekcy mid-east footage (Execution - Sad Damn! Who's Sane?; Terrorists, Killers, and Middle-East Wackos), as well as other attempts at conservative appropriation of the mondo aesthetic (see, for example, Drug Wars: Silver or Lead), so this little bundle of shit offers absofuckinglutely nothing new or interesting, and, when coupled with the pissfuck poor quality of the clips--so poor in fact, that one wonders if they didn't even download the various flv files, but actually just tried recording them with screen-cap software or even a camera pointed at the screen--makes it pretty much unwatchable. For shocku completists only, obviously.

product description wrote:

A Grim Political Realism

Exclusive, Uncensored Footage of Atrocities Gives Rare Insight Why America Had 'Moral Obligation' to Invade Iraq. After viewing this DVD, Americans will soon have a far better understanding of why it was the United States' unavoidable obligation to invade Iraq.

Buried in the Sand: The Deception of America takes an unflinching look at the atrocities at Abu Ghurayb prison in Iraq and across this sand-blown country. Never-before-seen footage obtained from American military personnel, Islamic extremists and other sources put a face - the face of someone's parent, spouse, sibling or child - on the suffering, death and betrayal suffered by an entire society.

Buried in the Sand: The Deception of America is hosted by Mark Taylor, a 25-year radio veteran and nationally known political commentator who has been a frequent guest on such prominent and influential shows as The O'Reilly Factor, Hannity & Colmes and Politically Incorrect, as well as on MSNBC and CNN news broadcasts.

Puckman751 from IMDb wrote:

I borrowed this movie from my grandparents and watched it one Saturday afternoon with my dad. We knew that it was going to be a little disturbing. It starts off mellow. People are beaten until their kidney's fail, there fingers are cut off and they are released to do whatever the hell they want. Feet are also cut off and tongues are clipped. As Jigsaw once promised us "Yes. There will be blood".

After these clips the host, Mark Taylor, comes on screen for his second appearance. He does get annoying during most of the film, saying things you already know. More then anything he will tell you the scenes are violent, brutal and disturbing yatta yatta yatta.

They show more scenes like this, they also show more torture like techniques by Saddam's sons and they show prison footage of how the guards beat the inmates. Even at this point there is nothing to be queasy about.

Then comes what are the most gut wrenching scenes I have ever seen. Live beading's of an American contractor and Japanese workers who are just trying to reform Iraq in the smallest ways. A group of armed me with bags over their faces make the people plead for their life before they chant things that are inaudible and sever the head off these people.

In all, people who ca not handle CSI or House or any of those shows with blood should not watch this movie. It is still a good insight into what is actually going on that the news doesn't tell you about.

And for even MOAR dumbfucky rants about this shocku, there's a grand total of 54 (wtf?) reviews on Amazon.

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0436149/

Director: David Wald


The flick is in English without any subs, though it does come with Spanish and French dubbed audiotracks.


Always rip motherfucking everything that's on a DVD (trololol, 'cept the federale warnings 'n' shit, natch), even when the extras are obvious filler garbage such as the case here. So anyway, here's everything that was on the DVD that's included in this up:

-Cover - A cover for the flick, found online.

-Photo Gallery - A two-minute slideshow of some death stills, which look about 47 times better than anything in the actual video.

-Most Wanted - A list of ten Arab-soundin' folk and their crimes against the White Man.

-Factoids - A list of ten fun factoids, such as:


In the two years since terrorists attacked U.S., President Bush has:

A. Liberated two countries
B. Crushed The Taliban
C. Crippled Al-Qaida
D. Put nuclear inspectors in Libya, Iran and North Korea

without firing a shot.


Ripped from the retail CYHL Pictures DVD, though the quality of which is worse than a 10th generation bootleg.

Please do share this film on other trackers, usenet, ed2k, and everywhere else. Spread the films like AIDS.


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#48 by smedleybutler (Fuckpig) Aug 18 2011, 02:59 PM

betcha dollars to donuts them ayrab executioners were wearing the ubiquitous star o dave necklaces.

"a camera pointed at the screen" aka mexican interface :lol:

#69 by derjohnmartin (Fuckpig) Jan 28 2013, 09:59 PM

No more seeders. Anyone?

#76 by Undertaker (Fuckpig) Feb 7 2014, 04:01 AM

Hi Kraut. You can find this film only here and nowhere  :-P : http://www.shockumentary.tk

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